Design is an understanding of the world around you, an understanding of the diverse nature of humans. Being a designer, I believe anything at its best utility is a design.

My journey in design started from school art competitions and became a hobby eventually. This hobby soon changed into my profession after joining the National Institute of Fashion Technology, one of the pioneer institutes in the home country(India) to teach design. The Bachelors of Design program shaped my long-term hobby into a full-time profession, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of my undergraduate education was a scholarship that I received for an international semester exchange from my university. I studied for a semester in Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT), France. This experience was revolutionary for me, as I learned the importance of design as an experience, a utility that can help in enhancing experiences.

After graduation, I worked as a Textile Designer for one & a half years & decided to pursue my master’s in The MPS Design Management Program at the University of Bridgeport, USA. While learning about the design-thinking methodology and preparing for presentations, I learned about the importance of business in design. My keen interest in learning the business side of design motivated me to join another master’s in MS in Business Analytics.

This rare combination of my dual majors has shaped a Design-Business Professional who can bring forth a business sense at crossroads with a design profession’s sight. I can critically analyze design strategies to narrate the can-do business success story and visualize data analytics. As an enthusiastic professional, always keen to learn, what interests me the most is problem-solving, a requisite for a well-formed business mind. I believe that business and design are like the Yin and Yang, which can market the product as a promise when in harmony. I have experience serving in a fast-paced environment, so I come with a certainty of not cracking under pressure striving to serve efficiently.