Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory


Collaborative Design Studio is a based on a client project and this semesters client was Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory(LDEO). Our client was one of the world’s leading research institute. We were asked to address some of the major problems such as branding for the observatory, making people and the interested community aware of LDEO, proper communicating through the website and social media platforms.

We addressed these problems by giving many ideas, below are some of my ideas, which were contributed to solve the problems of LDEO.

Collaboration with Marketing Association of Columbia University 

The Marketing Association of Columbia is dedicated to providing the recruiting, networking and educational resources necessary for students to successfully pursue careers in marketing. With over 200 members whose interests include brand management. Lamont-Doherty can hire student interns from Columbia University, to help to inbuild and implementing marketing strategies that can help Lamont-Doherty in their marketing campaigns, analyzing social media content, researching and participation in various events to gain more attention in the mainstream media.

Virtual Tour : Scientists Talk

Virtual tours can help the viewers witness the actual environment and research going on within various departments of Lamont-Doherty.  Having such virtual tours online is the most cost-effective yet efficient way of providing a remarkable experience of the observatory. These can be used to convey the culture, missions, and visions of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Virtual tours can be done in many interactive ways depending on the type of business. One of the most remarkable memories that I have from my visit to Lamont are scientists talking about their research, explaining various charts and tools that help them in their research. This was a totally unique experience as it enhances the value of Lamont and showcases the culture. The idea of having a virtual tour with scientists talking about their labs, instruments, and research will provide a unique experience for the viewers and help them in giving a clear understanding of how and what Lamont works on.

Brand Name

Branding is an essential aspect for the growth of any organization. Branding involves a name which is easily recognizable and identified by the people, once they see it. The name “Lamont–Doherty Earth Observatory” is a very long name which is difficult for people to remember and identify. Our suggestion lies in abbreviating it to just the initials which are “LDEO.” This abbreviation captures the essence of the observatory and at the same time helps people to recognize and remember the name. Henceforth, we suggest incorporating the initials “LDEO” in the logo itself, to have a comprehensive identity for the observatory. I developed the above shown logos for LDEO

Assessing Facebook

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool which has over two billion monthly active users and over one billion daily active users. Consistent and simple profile pictures attract and hold the users to view the posts. Taking examples from the profile pictures of National Geographic andDiscover, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory develop a similar identity which stands unique and to help to convey the mission and vision to the people. National Geographic uses the yellow border in their magazines, logo, and channels which help the users to identify and recognize the brand quickly. Also, a simple, recognizable logo/identity will help the users to remember the observatory when they see the next updates.

Videos of Fieldwork on Social Media

Video content is an excellent marketing tool on social media and gives meaningful opportunities to engage consumers through captivating video content. While visiting the observatory, we learned from various researchers about their field trips/work in places like Antarctica(IcePod lab) and Mongolia(Tree Ring lab). These field trips and the process of research on fields are unique and will give viewers an unseen experience.

Kids Club for K-12

Lamont-Doherty provides middle and high school students opportunities to engage in hands-on learning experiences on and off campus throughout the school year and during the summers. Other than participating in these activities, how can kids be more involved with the observatory around the year?

To keep the children engaged remotely, the observatory can have an online kids club. NASA has a similar kids club which is an interactive platform and helps the kids to learn and explore more about our planet. NASA has a different set of activities and news articles depending on the age groups like K-4, grade 5-8 and higher education. Such online interactive games, puzzles, coloring exercises, etc. will create a valuable market for Lamont-Doherty.